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Starting College

The college journey is not a new one for me. I completed a degree in 2001 and went back (for more?) in 2006 to complete a PGCE. But whilst teaching was an interesting, engaging and on-the-whole fulfulling career, life got in the way. So, college to follow my next passion: Mechanical Engineering.

I love chemistry in large part because you get to see how things work, you get to make new stuff (and occasionally you get to blow things up!) I pursued it as a teacher to impart some of my enthusiasm for what makes the world tick and the importance of science and asking questions.

So, not a million miles from engineering (apart from the Kaboom of it. Usually.) In addition, I always enjoyed dismantling things from a very young age, as well as taking things apart to fix them, designing new things to solve problems and building new products to fulfill a given role. These all make engineering an easy fit for a career.

The HNC course is a level 4 introduction to mechanical engineering, covering topics such as:

  • Engineering Maths

  • Enginnering Science

  • Mechanical Principles

  • Engineering Design

All of this gives you a good grounding in the academic side of engineering. But for all that, I am going to need an entry level engineering role to start getting experience because...

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