a bit about me:

I’ve got an embedded curiosity for how and why things work, and I’ve always loved taking things apart to find out. I design, build, repair and modify all-sorts in my spare time, from computers to furniture to cars to home automation set-ups. I’m enthusiastic, patient and I love to have a go.

I am currently on a journey to change careers, from a trained science and maths teacher with ten years of experience, to an engineer. I am retraining as an engineer to apply my passion for science in the real world. I have completed an HNC in Mechanical Engineering and was awarded Distinctions in all units. From there I have progressed to studying towards a degree in Engineering with the Open University. To gain relevant experience I worked in technical services as a repair technician before moving into Development Engineering in the biopharmaceutical industry. My skills include:

  • problem solving

  • lateral thinking

  • team working

  • independent initiative


I am conscientious, methodical, analytical, flexible and patient. I am interested in engineering and technology, and I am looking for a role where I can develop new and existing skills whilst gaining practical experience in a new industry.

I’ve always enjoyed getting up to my elbows in something an taking things apart which was why I studied chemistry and why I became a science teacher. I used this as much as I could whilst teaching, but the science curriculum is veering away from practical skills, leaving me with less and less to excite me and my pupils. As a teacher, I’ve worked almost exclusively in schools for people with complex emotional and behavioural needs and these students can be volatile, so with the changes in the curriculum, and after my sixth assault I decided it was time to move on. Engineering will give me the practical, hands-on experience I've always enjoyed, whilst still requiring me to think.